It’s almost the end of the school year and I’m getting very good grades. I made As & Bs honor roll 3 nine weeks in a row, now all I need to do is get on the As & Bs honor roll one more time and I’ll would have made honor role the whole school year. Only thing left to do is to past the Achievement Test.


Son of the *****

Today when I was getting ready to play Halo Reach my xbox 360 wouldn’t play the game, so I put the xbox on its side and blowed air in it and it started to play the game. Everything was going just fine until I moved the xbox and the game inside of it made this really wierd noise. So I take the game out and there were scraps all over  it, I put the game back in and it wouldn’t  play the game and the screen said “clean the disc with a soft clouth” so now I got to try to get $60 to buy a new Halo Reach game. I got $20 right now which means I need $40 more.

Halo Reach

The new halo game, Halo Reach is coming out on Sept. 14 2010, only 4 days before my birthday. I ask my mom to get it for me and she said mabe. Then we got on and looked at the Halo Reach game.  I hope I get for my B-day.


I don’t think I should have a myspace because when I was in school some people would say stuff I didn’t like. Some stuff they said was that it was dumb to have my picture with my cat smokie and some will say that it is dumb to have my name as hotrod lester. That is why I shouldn’t have an myspace.

Too Many Cats

I have too many cats at my house. I wish that someone will come and take some. I have about 30 cats here and two more are going to have some, so that makes about 40 cats now. What am I going to do. 😦

Nouthing to Do

It is so boring at my house. I can’t seem to find anything to do here. I go outside and play most of the time and play video games for a while then watch tv but I can’t find anything fun to do. 😦

I Give Up

I guest I will have to quit writing about wrestling because nobody ever visit my blog and I think it is because of me writing about wrestling so for now on I guest I won’t write about wrestling any more.

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